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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> breaking news alerts a the hour-by-hour forecast this is local 12 news. >> the system that gets help to someone who needs it right away needs some financial help itself. good evening, everyone. you might be paying a little more on your utility bills to help fund the 911 dispatch center in hamilton county. >> they're thinking of putting a fee on things like your cable, phone and water bills. about $70 per month combined to make sure emergency calls are handlely efficiently and quickly. >> but there's opposition to that charge. jeff hirsh joins us with if they're approved or if they're not. >>. the hamilton communication center is a busy place. if one year it received the equivalent of every man, woman and child in the county calling 911 once apiece that's 800,000 calls. the system works well, but there are concerns it could start to unravel.
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>> from life and death emergencies to more routine problems, the calls come into the hamilton county communication center and a police officer, fire truck or ambulance is sent out. >> squad is being dispatched, a 41-year-old female attempted suicide. taken an unknown quantity of pills after a dispute with a friend goo they handle more than 70 jurisdictions, each town, township, village or city is charged $20 per dispatch. it may not sound like much, but it all adds up. a fee on utility bills is one way although not the only way to reduce the burden. >> basically we're not weighing in on where the funding should come from or how it needs to work, but we want to relay that it's not sustainable the way it is for local governments, because we can't sustain a -- a 14% increase over two years and not cut other services to our citizens. >> police and fire officials packed the commissioner chamber nor a hearing on the proposed utility fee
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on their own. while the fee would only be about 20 bucks a year for the average customer, to some with low incomes that's loot. >> today i'm concerned because we're talking about implementing something that will impact and put residents against safety. we're talking about a tax that will go on without the taxpayers having a say. >> it's a tough situation. some townships are asking residents to call the local police directly instead of 911 to save on dispatch fees. if that continues, and if if local jurisdictions leave the center all together to save money that could slow down response time while trying to save lives. >> if you think she's breathing, i need to you put her on her side. if she is not breathing we need to breathe for her. >> we were there maybe 20 minutes and you could hear those two literally it seemed like life and death calls. >> if hamilton county puts the utility fee in place it would be the first county to do. >> however the commissioner proposes 3.5 million existing
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might just pass after another public hearing next week, but that will be for one year and we'll be back in 2017 looking for a long-term solution. that public hearing is one week from today, 11:30 a.m., county administration building downtown cincinnati. >> back to you. >> i imagine it will be busy. thanks very much. the city of cincinnati has its own dispatch center as some of you know and does not use the county. but the utility fees as proposed would cover the entire county. that means businesses and people who live in the city would pay the fee even though cincinnati's 911 system would not get any of that money. >> a judge sends a man to prison for 15 years to life today for raping a 6-year-old girl. a butler county grand jury convicted 28-year-old ryan war man. the assault happened in a car last summer. both children took the stand to testify during the trial. >> they are accused of leading police on a high speed 55-mile chase through three states and
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for the driver accused of that dangerous and failed getaway attempt. drug agents tried to arrest anthony knight in lincoln heights. police didn't catch up with him and two other suspects in his car until they got all the way to harrison, to the skyline there. knight is also a suspect in a shooting in dayton and that's where the two passengers arrested yesterday are now locked up. >> a local museum dedicated to literal interpretation of the bible plans to nearly triple in size. the ministry that runs the creation museum in petersburg proposed the new three story, 210,000 square foot building to house traveling exhibit. it would be built where the current guest parking lot sits, but the museum needs approval from boone county to build a new parking lot, the planning and zoning commission is expected to decide on that tonight. museum leaders anticipate a surge of visitors after they open their noah's arc replicate in july. reviews have shown a stead did he decline in attendance since the
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the first bill signed by kentucky governor matt bevins since taking office updates the common consent laws. it requires women having abortions be told of risks and benefits at least 24 hours beforehand. the bill signed yesterday gives parents the options of meeting in person or by video. >> government officials fight over who is so blame for the lead contamination crisis in flint, michigan, during a capitol hearing today, the acting water chief for the epa says leaders in michigan ignored federal advice to treat flint water for corrosion causing elements. a michigan regularity fault the epa for not displaying enough urgency. despite its subpoena, flint's former emergency manager refused to appear at that hearing. >> well, after this beautiful spring like day, our weather is going to get colder. >> it was nice today, huh. >> meteorologist scott dimmich make is here with a first look at the evening. hi, scott. >> clouds will be returning as we dive into the evening. in fact, we have full cloud cover
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half of this evening. even though we have sun now, temperatures will be falling through the 30s and 40s this evening, and then we'll settle down into the upper 20s overnight with a cloudy sky overhead. satellite and radar shows what's left of the sun right now and a large inquire of cloud cover over the hoosier state and the state of illinois coming our way. we have some sprinkles in our far northwestern counties. you'll notice on the precision doppler hd, close to indianapolis, a chance for seeing sprinkles or flurries tonight are so low that it will not get a form mention were the possibility is there for the far northwestern part of the tri-state for the next few hours. we're down to 48 at the international airport. mayesville still at 60. laurels at 44. we have a large temperature difference. we're much cooler and still mostly cloudy tomorrow, but there's a warming trend forecast through the weekend and then the bottom drops out.
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and we'll take you a lot planning forecast coming up in 10 minutes. cammy. >> scott, thank you. presidential debates. do they give you the information you need to decide or do they do you a major dis officers? >> why some say the format needs to change. coming up live at 5:00. >> after getting caught up in a prostitution ring one player won't
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front returns battle for supporters, a lawmaker from kentucky says his race for the white house is over. rand paul is spending his campaign. pressure was mounting on the kentucky. especially after lexington jim gray jumped into the race. meanwhile high governor john kasich said he will drop out if he doesn't do better in new hampshire. >> and rick santorum dropped his today. >> to know nor about the candidates is to tune into the presidential debates. how much can you really learn by watching that? christine frazao. >> this is not a cage match. >> they are woven into the fabric of political campaigns. >> people are sick and tired of hearing about your dam e-mails. >> they're drafted to give voters
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candidates policies and plans. but some argue they've become more spectacle than cooling. done irving is chairman of the group accuracy in media. >> a lot of time is spent critiquing each other or criticizing each other doesn't do them any good. it doesn't teach them anything or help them learn about the issues, whether or not it's syria or the economy or whatever. >> even a few of the candidates themes several have weighed in suggesting some changes could benefit the voters. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates. what it's turned into is a, got you. >> rand paul has suspended his presidential campaign. >> the only thing i would suggest that would be better would be putting a issue out and letting sort of everybody give input on it and have a little bit more back and forth. >> some argue the debates should be about style, that the substance abuse stance is easily accessible on the candidate's website. >> if you start to give candidates
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an answer they sound less less like a president and more like a professor and voters tune out. >> the candidates are going to need as much as of the voters' attention as they can get. in washington, i'm kristi frazao reporting. >> sending a message, president obama visits a u.s. mosque for the first time. >> his strong words about the anti
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campaign that's cominin a plane manages to land safely after an explosion rips a hole through its wall. investigators in somalia are looking into whether a bomb caused that mid air blast. >> it was headed for the east african country, terrified passengers recorded video of the aftermath as air purdue through that gaping hole. >> we saw a hole in the plane and the first thing you worry about is, you know, can we really make it? >> one passenger was sucked out. his body was found later. somali officials say they have found no evidence of criminal activity, but the plane's pilot and aviation experts say the hole showed all signs of terrorism. >> president obama visits a mosque and a school in baltimore today. >> he wants to correct what he calls a huge lead distorted of muslim americans. mark albert is in maryland with details. >> neighbors waved hello as president obama arrived at the
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a few protesters lined the motorcade route as well. inside muslim americans told president obama about the increased bias they face. >> they talked about how their children were asking are we going to be forced out of the country? are we going to be rounded up? why do people treat us like that? conversations that you shouldn't have to have with children. not in this country. >> this is president obama's first visit to a u.s. mosque since taking office. muslim leaders say it's been a long wait. >> we've asked him to make such a visit for a number of years now. >> ibriham is the -- he says muslim americans are more afraid now than at any time in history, even after 9/11. >> thanks to donald trump and ben carson and others islamophobia man maintained which makes it all the more dangerous. >> president obama says christians
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they see anti muslim rhetoric. >> we have to understand an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faith. >> and he called on muslims not to become cynical, saying they're not muslim or americans, but muslim americans. mark albert for cbs news, baltimore. >> we have a local breaking news alert now in westwood where an suv has crashed into a building. have a look at this picture just into the newsroom. this is on mchenry. not much in the way of details just yet, but we could know that medics soak someone to the hospital. we're on i are way to the scene and we'll check in once she gets details. >> that's pretty dramatic. >> it went pretty far into that building. >> and a brick being too. >> scott is here for tim and we had a lot of rain overnight, but today was beautiful. the sun came out. and we promised partial clearing. the other side of that is clouds are coming back tonight. i hope you made the best of today's sun. we're mostly cloudy over the next
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the updated forecast which you can find on the weather authority app calls for temperatures falling to the 30s and 40s this evening. we'll have a cloud cover ahead. and after local 12 news live at 11:00. we can't rule out some sprinkles well to the northwest of cincinnati, close to interstate 70 this evening, but chance for precipitation is so low that it's not going to get an official mention in the forecast. you won't find it in the planning forecast. you won't find the icons in the hour-by-hour forecast, but you can track it on our weather app and also track the return the cloud cover over the next few hours. wkrc is it what you search for in the app store. still some sun showing up in college hill. temperature 47 there. we'll take 47 there and 40s for most right now down into the upper 20s by early tomorrow morning. we have sun right now in many tri-state communities, but clouds will rapidly increase between now and 7:00 tonight.
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it's too cool for you tomorrow with highs only in the low to mid 30s, we'll crank up the heat just in time for the weekend. crittenden is at 57, but compare that to west union or west harrison at 49 degrees. florence is at 52, leesburg, 53. the far western, northwestern part of the tri-state noticeably cooler than areas well east of cincinnati. some spots, peebles, west union, still around 60 degrees, but many in southeastern indiana are already down into the 40s, so temperatures will be falling over the next several hours. all the way down to 28 in cincinnati by early tomorrow morning. so we'll have a 20-degree fall between now and the start of good morning cincinnati. looking at satellite and radar data, there's an upper level disturbance. there are it is sprinkles and flurries showing up on our network of radar. close to indianapolis. i suspect they'll be few and far between, basically north of middletown, north of laurel and
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the far northern part of fayette and union county. notice on precision doppler 12hd, no rain or snow of any significance anywhere close to cincinnati. cloudy this evening, mostly cloudy tomorrow. if you want more sun we get it for the last day of the workweek with high pressure moving in. it looks like we'll see more sun than clouds both saturday and much of sunday. but clouds will increase late sunday and the same disturbance that brings us clouds late sunday will bring us a mix of rain and snow showers on monday and then just snow showers tuesday and wednesday with even colder air moving in. tonight no rain or snow of significance, but a cloudy sky. down to 30 at 6:00 in the morning. high tomorrow 36 degrees. winter is back by early next week, but is it still feels like spring all the way through the weekend. we'll trade a high of 36 on thursday for a high near 50 degrees on sunday. make the most of the weekend and
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because we have rain, snow, or cold coming early next week. >> it is winter. >> makes sense, right. >> thank you, scott. >> from a dorm room to your closet, how nasa inspired three miami university graduate to create a coat unlike any other. that's coming up live at 5:00. >> she's a stage 4 cancer survivor and still in treatment, but that is not stopping her. at 6:00 tonight how she's kicking
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what she wants all of new at 5:00, a denver broncos player gets acceptability home from super bowl 50 after police questioned him in a prostitution sting. investigators spoke to safety ryan murphy outside a motel in san jose last night. he was not charged. the team says it sent him home to avoid distraction. local 12 is your home for super bowl 50 on sunday with a full day of coverage taking you up to the 6:30 kickoff between the broncos and the panthers. >> a group of miami university students makes a big splash in the retail world. they launched a new line of performance gear inspired by nassau technology. local 12's perry signally takes a look at the local start up. >> as students at miami university michael marks berry had plans for the future. both thought they would graduate and go on to medical school. then a seismic in their plans.
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aerogel during an internship with nassau. >> here's a solution to the problem i had while. >> the problem, dealing with a bulky coat while climbing in the northeast swiss alps. along with their friend, they created the first high performance gear insulated with aerogel. it works because it's the lowest conductive solid on the plan necessity. >> to simplify it means per unit of thickness it's the best insulation in the world. so good it's used in space suits, the space shuttle and on the mars recovery. >> theirs been a lot of problems with it. it's very hard to work with. it's very brittle. it sheds this dust and you have to encapsulate the gel to keep the dust from getting out and it takes away from the -- >> there were all these issues we needed to be addressed. >> we worked their way through the start up accelerator the brand re.
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traditional down and more streamline. it's not generating any heat. your body is generating the heat. and one of the huge downsides to any of the insolations that exist is you lose a lot of heat and in that process is where you get cold. so what aer gel does is prevented the transfer. >> they've come up for a great way to sew what their company can do. >> a shot of lick liquid nitrogen which is two times colder than any temperature on earth. the temperature inside the coat still a balmy89 degrees. >> it's been fun producing it and going through our products and getting to share what we've already done with the world is probably the coolest part about all of it. >> all of it innovative in every way, including where the idea got off the ground. in a dorm room in oxford, ohio. perry shively, local 12 news. >> go redhawks. it's a great place. the founders graduated from miami
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would like more information on their kick starter campaign or maybe you want to make a purchase you can follow the link under the news tab on local >> ahead on local 12 news. live at 5:30, anger and outrage. the claims that millions of your dollars could have been flushed down the drain. >> kentucky changed its election format so rand paul could run for senate and for president, but now that he's out of the presidential race do things change back? >> i'm local 12's joe webb. we'll have that story coming up. if a woman who looked like that suddenly popped up in your world and wanted to be your friend, what would you think? >> would you give her money? >> well, a local man did.
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on local 1 too believing....of people he just thought this person was really going to care about him and really gonna meet him know....this
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her brother, who was targetted on facebook for a relationship by a woman who claims to look like this! 3 good evening...internet scams are everywhere.scammers may have solicited you today through email or online.but while most of us are savvy enough to spot a scam solicitation or phishing expedition ... not everyone is so lucky....local 12's rich jaffe joins us now with the story of a man who put his heart on the line .... when the real target was his 3 paula....we're going to make an effort not to totally identify the >> he has as berger's syndrome. a couple months ago through the internet he was contacted by what he thought was a beautiful woman and what to many people would have seemed too good to be true turned out to be exactly that. it's a story you'll see only on local 12.
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are very protective about her brother who we'll call craig. diagnosed with aspergers he has some challenges. >> he likes people. he gets along with people really well. all his things he's great, but he's a little too nice. he's a giver. if he has something, he'll give it to you, but this person obviously took advantage. they were fishing and they got -- they hooked him. >> the week after christmas while on a facebook site for dukes of hazard, a woman greg didn't know appeared to strike up a conversation with him. she goes by many names like becky marley and most recently venice sam. >> what went through your mind when she first sent you that picture. >> i said she's not a bad looking gill for younger than me. >> you didn't say she's not a bad looking girl. you went wow. tell the truth. >> after multiple text messages and phone calls, venice changed her approach. >> sure enough, here it comes. i need $900.
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so of course he's like, well, i don't know if i can help you. and then she just keeps asking, keeps asking. >> watching greg's facebook page, sister maureen found the communications and told greg. >> you need to pay attention. if she asks you for any information or anything, no, no, no. i'm just talking to her. that's okay, isn't it. >> and i'm like, okay, you can talk to her, no nervous. maureen found the phone number comes back to an escort agency in pennsylvania. >> this other niece has a friend up at the department and she looked at the person's face, saw the stock photo and said this is a scam. he needs to stop. >> but greg had already sent venice $50 to an akron address that turned out to be a vacant building. family members quickly pulled the plug on the relationship and the cash flow. greg says he learned a painful lesson. >> does it make you a little bit angry, though. >> somewhat, because i haven't had a girlfriend in ages and all this and all that, i thought this would
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with and when i found out all the details, i said, why? why me? >> the answer there is probably because he's a nice guy. and greg got lucky. he has a number of people watching out for him. and they caught this before it about him anymore painful emotionally or financially. and as we know, new internet scams pop up each and every day. if someone sees something like this on their facebook page or their e-mails, they have to ignore it. walk away from it and if you have questions please feel free to contact law enforcement and ask them about it. it's -- it's so commonplace these days that we're seeing it all the time. >> i've seen so many national shows where older women will give their life savings to some man overseas. and you're victimized your money and your heart. thank you, rich. well, no one answers at the phone number that venice was using. we called and the call simply goes to a voicemail and you have to leave a name and number for one to call you back. it's impossible in a situation like
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communicating with a woman. >> the county commissioner say big metropolitan sewer district. the county leaders were outraged at investigative findings by the cincinnati inquirer that msd may have spent up to $680 million with minimal oversight. some of the money, the investigation found, went to politically connected consultants or for unbid contracts. >> frankly i'm disgusted. i've been on this board for three weeks and i think there's a point in time where you say enough is enough. we've got allegations of corruption, border line criminal behavior with the way that that operation is handled. >> the metropolitan sewer district is owned by hamilton county but operated by the city of cincinnati. county commissioners want the county to have both of those functions. >> bond is set at $100,000 for the
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out during the night wearing only pajamas. >> a neighborhood spotted her 2-year-old son outside alone at 2:00 yesterday morning and called police. >> it could happen to anybody, but i'm glad she has another chance and now i hope she get out and do the right thing. >> officer jamie landrum picked up the child, bought some clothes for him and brought him to the police station. he was trying to show the little boy how to take a nap. >> more needs to be done to stop people from pharmacy shopping to get a handle on the heroin epic democrat make in ohio. that according to ohio senator brown, he spoke with me from washington today about the problem. he told me he is working on legislation to address one issue that he sees as key to helping addicts recover. >> i'm trying to change federal law so that healthcare providers, physicians and others can treat a larger number of people. those limits are too low, doctors tell me, on how many people they
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there is -- many more need treatment. and these are people that want to get treatment, and people can break their addiction with assistance. >> his republican counterpart, senator rob portman is also working to change laws so patients get the best evidence based treatment and to make sure that there is proper disposal of pain medications so them. a ohio lawmaker may have a solution for retiring police officers who want to keep their k9 partners. a senator in -- the issue came to light after a retiring officer tried to buy his k9 partner from the city. but because ajax isn't ready to retire and is considered city property, state law says the dog must be auctioned. the law would also mounted patrol officers who want to buy their horses. soon. >> they actually kind of came to a compromise though with the officer
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u.s.-mexico >> all right. well, they sacrifice their lives to save others. >> and today they were recognized for their brave re. four chaplains. the veterans association in dayton held a public memorial service today to honor george fox, alex they give up their life jackets to save the lives of fellow officers. trust. the new assignment for two police officers and the connections that they hope to make. >> and the end is in sight. the fight to build a new program marketplace in one community could soon be resolved. >> and rand paul is out, but the kentucky caucus still on.
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the blue grass now, this man is in jail after a bank robbery, police chase and a car crash. christopher turpin accused of trying to hold up the fifth third bank near florence this morning. police say he gave the teller but got spooked. he was caught as he ran from the car. >> there are now two police officers in covington who will serve as a link between the police department the lbgt community. that story is local 12 covers news where you live.
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sergeant jennifer rudolph will start to work to have understanding between the lesbian and transgender community. they'll start by meeting at northern kentucky university tomorrow. this is one way covington can approve issues of equality in the city. the battle over our proposed kroger marketplace in west chester could be resolved soon. the crossings of beckett involved rezoning property on the southeast corner of tylersville and princeton glendale roads. west chester trustees shot down the project and a developer filed a lawsuit. but at a meeting last night, trustees said that the two sides are working on an agreement which would settle the court action and allow for the rezoning with some conditions. they'll have a meeting on that next month. >> up next, kentucky caucus, will the accommodation made for senator rand paul change now that he's dropped out of the presidential race? >> puppy love. the sneaky moves of this dog caught
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friends. bernie sanders will now be protected by the secret service. the department of homeland security authorized protection for the democratic presidential candidate after an official request from his campaign. no word yet on what his code name will be. other candidates already receive secret service protection. donald trump is known as mogul, ben carson, eli, and hillary clinton is protected because she's a former
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they are code name is evergreen. kentucky senator rand paul is out of the presidential race. paul had a weak showing in the iowa caucuses and said he just didn't have the momentum to keep going. so he's not getting a nickname. changes the national political landscape, at least a little bit. paul's run for president has made some major changes in his home state and local 12's joe webb joins us with more on that. joe? >> well, brad, senator paul is still running for reelection to the united states senate and to do that and still be able to run for president he convinced the kentucky republican party to have a presidential caucus, not a primary, because he couldn't legally appear on the primary ballot running for two offices. caucuses. and now it's for nothing and too late to change. this morning, rand paul told the world the iowa caucuses approved he just wouldn't get elected president. >> i mean, we did pretty well. we beat four governors.
5:35 pm
there wasn't enough votes to go on to new hampshire. >> it prompted a change from a primary to caucuses for kentucky republicans. so does this new single candidacy bring thing back to normal? the answer is no. >> the caucus will move forward regardless of who does or does not stay in the race at this point. >> kentucky republicans take heed, if you want to vote to elect a presidential candidate, it is different this year. republican candidate will not be on the primary ballot in may. march 5th from 10:00-4:00 each county will hold a caucus where you can vote. kenton county republicans will vote in independence. campbell county republicans will vote at campbell county high school. boone county republicans will meet at florence baptist church. this is march 5th from 10:00 to you 4:00. we're excited about having the presidential caucus.
5:36 pm
actually be relevant, instead of when the nomination has already been decided. kentucky is going to be in the mix of it. 11 candidates have signed up for it. it's actually bringing money into the republican party because of the filing fees from the 11 candidates. >> rand paul's campaign for the caucuses has about as much support as his campaign for president did his office has been busy fielding calls. >> most people are just -- just really don't understand it. >> turn out is expected to be at record lows. many are expected to miss them and show up in may not knowing what they missed. >> i think voters will feel disconnected. i know on the day of election i'll be speaking to my poll workers about how to address people who have come in and will be upset that there will not be republican republican presidential candidates
5:37 pm
>> they moved it to campbell county high school. my mistake. >> once again, no changes for kentucky democrats. for kentucky republicans, a caucus will be held in each county on march 5th from 10:00 to 4:00 where you can vote to nominate a presidential candidate. we've got a link on our website to the state republican party where you can find out where your caucus is being held and how you can get an absentee ballot if you need one. brad? >> oh, this one is going to be interesting, joe. thank you very much. the kentucky republican party estimates those caucuses, a cost of at least $500,000. senator rand paul says that he has kicked in $250,000 to help defray the costs and promised to give more later. today he would not commit to any comitial money. >> from local 12, the weather authority, this is scott dimmich hour-by-hour forecast. >> i hope you enjoyed this afternoon's sun, because clouds are cycling back into the ohio valley.
5:38 pm
cloudy now, you will be by the latter part of this evening. notice clouds showing up on the atrium medical center camera. all the rain we picked up today occurred this morning with potent showers and thunderstorms rolling through. we still have sun showing up on the medical center weather cam in covington. enjoy this last little bit of sun we have. we're going back to cloudy to mostly cloudy. we picked up eight tenths of an inch of rainfall almost in covington early this morning and late last night. dewpoint is 32. temperatures 48. those numbers are spread apart and that's important with tonight's forecast. more on that in moment. notice the wind out of the west. it's 17, it's been a windy day in the tri-state, but the wind will turnaround to the west and relax this evening. that means we drag in this relatively cold air mass over indiana and illinois over the next few hours.
5:39 pm
we'll drop 20 degrees to get to 28 by early tomorrow morning. cincinnati. cloudy. love at noon. local 12 news early in the evening still cloudy. but sun returns once we get into the weekend and warmer air also returns for the weekend. but this is an upper area of low pressure. it contains a lot of cold air. aloft and that will keep us cloudy for much of tonight and outside sprinkles and flurries. union county should be about it for the rest of tonight. notice no rain in the tri-state on doppler precision 12hd. i suspect some this precipitation is struggling to reach the ground. and should stay focused along to the north of interstate 70 that's where there's an outside chance for some sprinkles, perhaps some flurries in the northern part of fayette and union county. but otherwise what you see here on
5:40 pm
through the night and through tomorrow. clouds win out. notice on the forecast at least some indications of widely scattered sprinkles through this evening. by midnight we're just cloudy and then overnight we're still cloudy. tomorrow we pick up a little bit more sun as we get deeper into the morning and the afternoon. notice for the start of thursday, cloudy sky, clouds thick through lunch, perhaps a touch more of sun once we get into the afternoon. if it's too gray and gloomy for you tomorrow sun returns for the weekend. if you like it cold and you want it to feel like winter, today -- tomorrow is a great day to be out. and then we're close to 50 for the weekend. so everybody wins really in the next few days, and if you're wanting some snow, snow showers are forecast early next week. everybody wins in the week ahead, just not all at once. 43 is where we'll be at 8:00. 36 at midnight. down to 30 by 6:00 in the morning. ultimately we drop down to 28 and we're back up to 30 at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. 33 at noon.
5:41 pm
it's really a tale of two different planning forecasts here. you've got warmth and sun for the back end of the workweek and the weekend. and then winter returns, 30 search for a high monday, 29 tuesday, 23 after starting at 13 for a high wednesday. and we have rain and snow showers monday, tuesday and wednesday, so i don't know what that groundhog was talking about. winter is coming back monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> you're still mad at phil. >> i don't really like phil. i'm not going to say i hate phil, because that's too strong of a word, but phil is -- i don't think he'll ever be part of the weather authority. >> i agree. thank you, scott. >> well, we have some breaking news in westwood where a car has crashed into an apartment building. sydney joins us live with the sydney? >> hi, paula, here on mchenry, and i want to show you the scene right now.
5:42 pm
the apartment little. this happened around 4:00. i'm told that it was an older man maybe mistake the gas pedal for the brake and shot into that building. there were two people inside at the time. they're okay. the red cross is on their way to help those folks out. the driver of the suv was taken to uc medical center where he's being treated for what i'm told are nonlife-threatening injuries. they had to bring in a second wrecker to get out the suv from the building, though. the first one was not able to pull it, and as you can see, that vehicle, very damaged on its front and certainly lucky that that individual who was driving it wasn't more injured. we're going to stay on the scene, though, and continue to send you updates via twitter. i'm at local 12 sydney, follow at local 12 on twitter and we'll also update you on line. for now reporting in westwood, local 12 news. >> of course we'll continue to follow this.
5:43 pm
it's rush h hour. all right. here's a real case of puppy love. it involves an australia shepherd named maggie and two rescue puppies. >> she was being boarded when her maternal side of the put on full display. she slid her water bowl out of her cage and made her way to the puppy station.
5:44 pm
they were her own. >> i think she knew as soon as the puppies were here friday that they were here. and after she left she thought okay, it's my task. i'm going to go and see them. >> they thought maggie's moves were so cute they let the trio spend the night together. >> a police officer stands trial for killing an unarmed man. campus police are under eight a microscope. new at 6:00, reviewing some of the nation's most high profile police shootings. he's working for change around the campus. >> he towers over players on the field and at his former high school. he's a giant. anderson students show some school spirit for an alum who is headed to the super bowl. >> see the remarkable story and an inspiration, i'm liz bonis. what she was able to do through cancer treatment will inspire you.
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